Kemono Pixl

Welcome to the alpha page of this nice team.
Full info in ABOUT section

MC Mods


Here are some samples of our mods for Minecraft Fabric. Wikis will be located in github repos

WIP mod with Decorations for Minecraft


Future core for our modern mods for Minecraft

Post Cities
WIP port and slight remake of Overgrown Cities

Minecraft additions from us to make it have more good content.
Separated into modules: Basic, Critters, Plants & Biomes, Food & Drinks

Pastel Dreamin'
Main concept of PDUM is to make pastel dimension with new nice blocks, biomes and structures. Also it will have dark hidden secrets. If night will begin upon sweet candy land, then unexpected things will happen

Vending Machines Reborn
Mod about vending machines and some related food and drinks

Industrial Immersion
Adds some machines and energy related things


We are small team of Minecraft modders and programmers. Our main goal is to make quality programming and more

Our idea exists since 2017, but we weren't team for years. Plans for making our Minecraft modding organisation born in 2016, but it become more important when Kiska met Hectorsky and other people on the internet

Tanuki will be our mascot as it is "Kemono" and Kiska's favourite wildlife animal. It's mystical meaning is also important to us

KemonoPixl name is coming from "pixel -> pixl" and Japanese "Kemono". Why those words? Well... We are making mods for pixel 3D game and we like animals so much


Hey, wanderer!
Contact with us using e-mail and check our GitHub. For now we don't have many social media, but we will add them in the future.
Warm hugs from our team, cya :3